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Jun 2
Stones; collected by the lonely,
Gripped, forgotten, until they're one with their bodies,
Held with regret, hoping that their actions reset time,
Rewind; a pause in time set into motion when they're blind,
Kindly following their fate, toward, in line,
No crime like living accordingly to what was given to you,
Lacking the resources to live, a limitation unacceptable,
Surging little fires everywhere, losing control,
Capsizing that within the power, how do you feel?
How does it feel to feel out of control,
Linking all wrongdoing to the under controlled,
Bold; making out the obvious in pain the villain,
Smoke rising, the war isn't over, because you've yet to see it,
This wasn't meant to be a war, nor an argument, but a call out,
We challenge the monsters that stand up when we've fallen;
We will sing till you repeat our words subconsciously,
And once you realize what you've done,
It'll only be a matter of time when the silly game you made,
It's a game that you lost, and it's a game that we have won.
We are undefeated. Determination inevitably makes us winners.
Written by
EmperorMoth  20
   BR Dragos
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