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Jun 1
Sometimes I'll write a poem
Just because I want to say something
But don't know if anyone will listen
If it isn't wrapped in intricate flowery language

Art the great communicator
The end result of our need for autonomy
and dependence on community
Coming to a head
A sort of proof of purpose
It's our way of insisting we're doing more
than just screaming into the void

Which is kind of arrogant in a cosmic sense
But I'm not cosmic
and the closest I ever got was a Lisa Frank jigsaw puzzle

There's a weird spot online
A video that plays an extended cut of a Nintendo song
The title in Japanese
That's not the weird part though
Viewers across the world have found it so strange
This random video suggested to them
That it must be a  sign
Each person a main character on their quest
The comments a tavern of stories of people sharing their journeys
They call it the Internet Checkpoint

Many would say this is just people assigning undeserved value to randomness
But I say people in general
and artists specifically
Don't imagine meaning
We define it

So I say be arrogant
Create and scream the meaning to life
Ride that neon rainbow
and say what you have to say
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