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May 31
I never really hated it

In fact, my first conscious thought of it
Was that

It was kinder to me
Than some of my peers

Not in the way
I would learn that to be

Just that
Yes, I had a pimple
or two

But for the most part
My skin stayed kind to me
Stayed smooth

My skin was different though
From my sister's skin
Who was alabaster pale

I thought she was so beautiful
With her snow white skin
and ice blue eyes

And, my God I was so jealous
Of what seemed to be her win
In the genetic lottery

But still
I always felt... something important
About my place in the sun

Her skin burned
When mine bronzed
Her blue eyes squinted
When my brown eyes opened

I understand the consequences of conventional beauty

I'm glad that I can simmer and see

She's always hated the beach
And I've always been pulled
To the sea

Because she is so beautiful
With her ivory skin and sky blue eyes

But I never feel more alive
Sun-soaked and covered in sand
Long, sun-bleached hair
Dried curly with salt


Written by
Chelsea  32/F/Honolulu
     Holly D and NITIN MUKESH
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