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May 29
we walk beaches of sugar sand
breathing in the crisp salt-sea air
mimicking those raucous birds
who flock for our attention
we face the oceanic breezes
warm with exotic fragrance
and realize the freedom
only the sea can bequeath

leading each other
into our secluded bed
deep in fluffy blankets
there upon silky sheets
warming nakedness of
sun-amber skin on skin
tender tingling caresses
there, there and there
with wine-flavored kisses
exploring those places
never before tasted

you experience the rise
of an intense ****** tide
its rhythmic lapping
leading you upward, upward
to plummet into
a deeply ****** oblivion
upon wave after perfect wave
of pure ecstatic sensation
and after a blissful eternity
landing softly in the arms
gentle, strong and caring
of the one who led you
into your blessed exhaustion
Mountain Sonata
Written by
Mountain Sonata  M
     south city lady and v
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