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May 2020
I came running down that aisle of dreams
Ready to burst
When the priest looked and said
You are late

I entered a bit awed
Of the role I was playing in that church
Surprisingly I was the Groom

Happy faces looking me in the eye
The more upward the more familiar

I got till the end of that enchanted PATH
With only one thing in my mind
who is she?!

When I was ready to lift my hand
To make an objection of what seemed to be an illusion,
a misunderstanding,

I woke up
Confused, and you instinctively

You may kiss the bride!
I love it when dreams are ackwardly vivid, even upside down , and then apparently the veil is gone and reality is different, sometimes it is a good feeling and it takes time to get on the track again.
     ---, Zulma, The Untold and anna
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