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May 26
she created the vision within her youthful dreams
a crystalline image of someone whom she desired

she sang the keening song of her wildest desires
a song that called to me thru the walls of my tomb

she wished away the stone that once imprisoned me
giving me release to begin my life's quest to find her

she broke the moorings that shackled my emotions
and wove them into a beautiful chain for her neck

she carved herself a cross from the bone of my heart
and above her heart, hung it there on my moorings

she appeared to me always as my guiding star
leading me slowly, surely, to the fullness of our time

she enchanted me from afar, captivating my mind
hearts then claimed by our undeniable connection

she proves herself that she has become my muse
i feel her infused in everything that i may endeavor

she is found woven through every fiber of my being
imbued in every good and creative aspect of my living

she possesses me across space and time in her heart
and, together, we are helpless in resisting this bond

we were meant to be, we were meant to love
My deepest gratitude that she saw me worthy to claim me as her own and that she finds happiness, security and fulfillment in the love that I offer to only her.
Mountain Sonata
Written by
Mountain Sonata  M
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