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May 26
It embarrasses me that I would give everything up, even you, to be someone else
I would fall into the lives of my dreams, my stories, my fantasies, in a heartbeat
and I am sorry for it

It’s not that you’re not important it’s just that when the rain hits my window in the middle of the night so loud that it stirs me you’re not the one there, and it never will be you
And it’s the dumbest ******* thing in the world to say that it isn’t you, but it’s not, because it doesn’t matter that it’s you, or anyone else
I would give anyone up
I have the ability to make everything a task until I dread doing even the things I love most
There’s always an escape, I say
But what do you do with a dead end
You can’t jump through that
It seems I’ve parked myself at a dead end
And it’s me, it’s definitely me
I think I forgot to minimize the casualties

Time has been moving so fast and I’ve been trying to find a reason to be upset about it
I guess I’m just mad at myself too
I’m sorry I haven’t found a way to stop the days from coming
Written by
jz  18/united states
(18/united states)   
   BR Dragos
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