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May 25

The liver
it should be said

was conspicuously
the worse for wear

whereas the brain
had remained curiously

young at heart

the same could not be
said for the heart

mostly eaten up
by the past.

There was no time
left in the body.

The soul could not
be found

which does not
necessarily mean

the dead poet
was soulless.

There remained one tear
not yet fallen

that had crystallisedΒ Β 
around a single memory.

The memory now
much decayed.

The body was
without truth.

There were dreams
to be found.

Wishes had congealed
around hope

and had calcified
on not being used.

There were still some
scattered thought

but it could not
be read.

The body showed
no signs of poems.

But the scar tissue
of writing

was more than

There were slight tears
perhaps caused by love

but this can only be

as they were riddled
by perhapses and maybes,

These poet types
are highly susceptible to such.


LLanod Yespmed
Donall Dempsey
Written by
Donall Dempsey  Guildford
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