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Jun 2013
There once was a ship a-sail
Out on the open sea.

Sails harness pure and open wind energy
See 'em flap this way and that-a way.

Sweet ride forever on, safely on to harbour
Oh boy, are we havin' some ssssswell fun..or what!

S T, 05 June 2013
No capsizing, ok.

Just a nod to all sailor-poets out there :)
Like you, Liam! Thanks a heap for fun inspiration....

Ultra-cool saying I read somewhere:
The mind is like a parachute.
When closed, it's useless!


"knee-scrapin' the edge"

yes, come on, baby
get on now, let's ride.

take you on the highway
go knee-scrapin' that superb edge.

yeah, lemme take you for a ride
only that way we can.

I'll make you scream and squirm
and let you fly on southern winds!

oh, how we feel that thrill ...together
harmonious crying out ....

oh yeah, baby...your hair flowing
we're sure outridin' the winds!

Written by
st64  flaming arrow
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