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May 22
Time seems to slip away before my eyes,
witnessing the change of the open skies.
At night, I tend to not get much sleep.
My workload seems to pile into a heap.
The internal battles with my brain
are like the endless tracks to a train.
My struggle to focus lasts day and night,
it causes me, myself, and I to fight.
I don't need to be scolded by any other.
I am already doing that to myself undercover.
Sometimes I feel like no one knows,
how hard it is to keep my steady workflow.
Procrastinator is my middle name.
Rushing to turn things in on time isn't a fun game.
While doing work I stare off into space,
even if it's not the best time and place.
I'll ask for instructions but they make no sense.
It's like understanding is being blocked by a fence.
On test days I am just so slow,
that my friends can't wait for me so they all go.
My slow is other people's fast.
I wish this would just go away at last.
I have dealt with this all my life,
but I've learned to make living with it less strife.
This isn't how I would have liked to be,
but I can't help it because it's all from my ADHD.
Written by
Hannah  17/F
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