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May 22
Now the sky itself cherishes more and more gloomy, sour cream *****, cotton candy clouds. Chubby angels - just as the sun’s rays run away from this non-existent time, they flee. I research and discover my literacy as an ant-taught self-taught self,

I often get a rash from schedule, longing for pennies - because what I want and what I can get is in many cases lost or sold out! You can survive! Number, if you can, just takes a breath of stuck sentences and stutters. I am a liar if I betray my heart! Existence now comes with a meager breadwinner - I’m a returning, survivable hedgehog again,

and if it's an invoice, or just a check when it comes - the intellect can't do anything else: Divide and, if necessary, break the law, cursing and suing my mind for money set aside and the suspiciously thin poems of my favorite contemporaries - the library ticket is only for students s discount for pensioners:

With our mortal lives, we are dwindling with restless, restless nerves day by day! Although in other forms, compromise and palalization are hidden - the Essence does not change, and it is the same! It grinds our meat bone-to-bone and devours it for a little hunger, free chewy munches and coffees:

Because a decent wage is only for the craftsmanship - we dug beautiful graves for liberating, beautiful hopes, so that we might bury our remaining dreams and wasted opportunities for good! In many cases, dawn is found in the worker: Sitting on a chair, the sleeping one still dreams bitterly…
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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