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May 19
Splatter - pretty much - I didn’t even know, in my beautifully ringing compliment-bouquet tongue, and yet you dragged it into your heart like a stifling magnetic clasp as if the secret gates of our souls were closed only to uninitiated eyes! Who is completely robbed of the experience of the universe of the Experience, the tangible moment: Like a cooling waterfall, I fell inside me

as recognition, it is the eternal connection of your being, and I would have been immersed in the redeeming waves of your night-black hair. “Now all my memories that seem insignificant are remembered from the charming autumn spirits of your face; from the indelible, comforting compassion of your being and in all my better days: When there is no pessimistic mood, nor sinking self-pity

scares me - I think of you, and I can only believe: From a distance, you ever do that, and you forgive me for not being a Initiator! - Irrevocably enchanted into my home, my second house, the visible imagination - I will be satisfied, sad, lean figure in his own rot: Perhaps bitterly, exiled by love: My dissatisfaction is already growing every day!

As a dream chaser, I would allow myself to hide in the camp of illusions of fidelity and devotion against a lost world of ordas: and were you the immortal flame of rampant Reality? "Believe me, and that's better than anything now."

it aches more permanently than ore and hurts apocalyptic!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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