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May 14

You know that thing that
you go upstairs to get

something or
other but

you can't remember
for the life of you

what it was and
then you go back down

and then remember it
and come back up only

to forget it
yet again?

I don't
do that!

I get stuck halfway up
wondering what and who

I am and
if I have a name

and what in
hell it is.

Or when the kettle boils
( I always watch it )

I put it in the fridge
and shout out loud.

"Now where in damnation
it could go I only

had it in my hand
a moment ago."

Or try to pour tea
into an upside down cup

and wonder why
the tea refuses to go

into the cup
what on earth.

Or I keep saying
the same lines

from some cartoon
I have forgotten

"Stop shaking your eyes
at me will ya!"

Oh and what's
the other oh yes

"Stop sawing
the table!"

It's like a day time
television show

"Hello and welcome to

The canned laughter
of reality.

My brain is digging
an escape tunnel

trying to get out
of my head.

I nearly remembered
my name then it was

on the tip of
my tongue but now

. . .it's gone.
Donall Dempsey
Written by
Donall Dempsey  Guildford
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