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May 13
i fell and refused to stand up
i cannot take more of this beating
i refuse to live as a creature under a shoe
do the bruises sickening you with desire?
my fragile casket rotting your redemption,
at your knees, an intruder and saint,
you took everything from me.

i fell and refuse to stand up
i died so you didn’t have to
the crippling burning in my lungs
has set an ablaze within me that i cannot control—
that rage isn’t mine.
at my feet, blisters turn upright,
and the glint in their irony shatters my soul.

i fell and refuse to stand up
the shadows, collapsing my chest,
suffocating with pleasure,
can laugh without no consequence.
the gods were at my throat,
screaming ****** !
when i cut my lip on a blue moon night
oh ! how i felt happiness that i had so craved —
and so desperately lost.

i fell and refuse to stand up
may the gods reign !
in rejoice ! i become a shell of nothingness
sweet sweet divinity, unsettling inches away
one more breath of poison,
i shall be forever undone,
the taste of my own tears
such like a delicate petal decaying, withering
a back broke,
paying for the sins inflicted upon me
the taste of cruelty at my tongue
with each lie i splutter:
the gods who mock my agony

i fell and refuse to stand up
i cannot dare lift my head
the shadows are so pretty
yet their secrets bite with envy
and i will succumb to their dreadful acts of mercy

i fell and refuse to stand up
i am a puppet, a fraud, a tool  
i am sick with sadness,
and the heart i have slain is barren,
and empty— loneliness ! it’s only inhibitor.
Written by
hannah  17/F/UK
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