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May 2020
Enchanted a vision of pure plendour, graceful grandeur.
Like that of a starry abyss
Your eyes beckoned my soul toย aย journey of promised heavenly delight.
Your smile whispers my name, I immediately find me gasping to breathe.
Grasping in tandem at aย ย heavenly love we share.
A match adoren in heaven, our souls combined hearts beating as one, it completes us.
As your silken hand rest in mine, with unspoken words dancing around our single world.
The song in our hearts the only music we love and cry to.
When we embrace, I feel you holding as if I am the only one to save your soul.
In this instant, I hold on tighter.

You are my guiding light in a darkened world.
My oxygen in world choking
You eridicated cynicality,
I now shake the hand of optimism, I once again wed hope.
I like to think our love is pure
Untainted by the hate in the world
You equivalent to hatreds cure.
I appreciate you wholeheartedly
Today , tomorrow and forever more
Written by
Faizel Farzee  34/M/South Africa
(34/M/South Africa)   
   Ben Noah Suri
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