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May 2020
C. didn't ask to be C.. C. didn't ask to be depressed and abandoned by her parents. Struggling in school because she didn't own enough clothes. Or purposely dying her hair blonde and encompassing her larger bottom to be noticed by someone. She never felt needed, or loved. Left alone in this world to live day-by-day in her car. Tomorrow is just today. Today is just yesterday.

She is constantly choosing to discover herself, though she thinks nothing will be different.

V. didn't ask to be V.. V. didn't ask to have parents who separated because they fell out of love. She tried to find that love that was once present, but she found other things from the wrong people. Does she doubt that love was meant for her? She tries to find love in people but they just leave. Her father started another family with new children, thinking maybe she never was meant to be noticed. She chose to fall in love with someone who constantly chose himself over her.

She doesn't feel alone when she's with him. He doesn't feel alone when he's with another girl.

Nor did A.. A. didn't ask to have a low-self image and high-anxiety. She didn't choose to have a sick mother with a heart of gold. Or an abusive father who clearly states his emotions. She doesn't show skin, because it reminds her of her past. She didn't eat, she starved, all to lose the weight of her past.

No one recognizes her now. Who would've thought she could glow so bright. Though she fakes it, residing in the darkest parts of her.
Written by
Shell  20
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