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May 2020
spring sweetens her breeze
and i sing today for the sigh,

delicate leaf,
emotion of the sea,


i am far from you
like the beautiful
cherry flower on my tree,

i yearn and yearn,

you called me your bird
and we danced with
wings of fire,

pretty light in a house,

flowers as ghostly as the dawn,

when i say i love,
i love.
sigh is an ancient hedge. you should always tell it to not grow and that it has delicate leaf.. sorry not publishing recently hello would not let me post. love you all⚑️πŸ₯‚βš‘️⚑️
beth fwoah dream boleyn
Written by
beth fwoah dream boleyn  England
         ryn, Fawn, Crow, Ashley Kay, S Olson and 9 others
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