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May 9
( for Heather Moulson )

The cat comes in
the window.

the door.

Even if the door is open
she will disdain it as

a useless
human invention.

She insists on staring
through the latticed pane

hypnotising whoever is within
"Open...purr..the window!"

Window is for stealing through
cat believes.

And so, a mirror
will be fatally injured

Cat startled gazes at
nine fragmented cats

who stare  blindly

This crucifix thing is also
an annoying symbol

that deserves
a swipe or two

un-nailed now
by slight of claw

until the long suffering Christ
fins Himself hanging upside now

by just the nails
in his feet

as if he were a reflection
of His previous self.

The nails in feet
can no longer hold the Saviour

and he plunges to the black and white
linoed floor...another  broken thing.

"Pah!" spits the cat.
"Religion...don't start me!"

She cleans a paw

"I who have been
worshipped and adored

through ages past
laugh at this newfangled belief.

We smile to see her
chase the clockwork mouse

amazed the toy
is not scared.

She catches it...releases it.
Re-catches it.

It has been her first time
on this our little blue planet

and she has enjoyed her journey
around our local star.

But now she commands
with most regal purr

"Ok human servant
you may feed me!"

"Mmmm ...miaou!"
says Mia in perfect French.
Donall Dempsey
Written by
Donall Dempsey  Guildford
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