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May 2020
The martial arts Muslim is hiking and sees a crime;
A few workers inside a restaurant are being shot by an evil, black girl who's a big, ball of slime.

When the black female shooter runs out of the restaurant, the martial arts Muslim follows her;
Here are more things that'll occur.

The martial arts Muslim throws a wooden dart in the back of the shooter's thigh;
When the black female shooter turns around, the Muslim throws another wooden dart in her eye.

When the black female shooter is injured, she tries to shoot the Muslim, as you can see;
When the shooter is about to pull the dart out of her eye, the Muslim throws his nunchucks at her forehead and I'm speaking truthfully.

The black female shooter is hit and knocked out by the Muslim's nunchucks and I'm sure you'll agree;
The black female shooter is also a ***** and always will be.

The martial arts Muslim calls the police, which is cool;
The injured restaurant workers had watched the Muslim beat the evil fool.

The injured workers thank the martial arts Muslim for stopping the black *****, which is polite;
The martial arts Muslim always does what's right.

When the police arrive and arrest the black female shooter, the martial arts Muslim goes away;
The black female shooter is going to prison and that's all I have to say.
Idris Muntaqim
Written by
Idris Muntaqim  47/M/Eastpointe, MI
(47/M/Eastpointe, MI)   
   Ben Noah Suri
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