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May 2020
Sitting here jotting down my current thoughts.
I get stuck on this thought
Has the world gone insane?
Or are we just bored?
Living this life without knowing it's true purpose
this notion we ignore, so we don't get caught
in spiralling mess, leaving us perplexed
fighting feelngs we previously fought
it leaves your stomach in knotts
hurling up reasons that does not make sense
are we here to destroy this world, or simply to live
is this just a badly written plot, common sense twisting
Brains going insane,
Reasoning starting to clot.

Wait? this topic's to hot

To the subject at hand
stay inside, together protecting one another
without having to try.
i get its frustrating i am not going to lie
the alternitave, is possibly having to die
we not scared of death, as the verse above would imply
We scared of the unknown, a feeling we disown
so stop risking our lives.
I know every circumstance is different, it can be tough at times.
There are measures in place, so together we strive
Together apart, we all going to survive.
As my creativity flows
i write to be bold, sometimes it get frowned upon
it's a endless story im told
the truth is, i write for me
not to save anyone elses soul.
Written by
Faizel Farzee  34/M/South Africa
(34/M/South Africa)   
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