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Jun 2010
There was this one time
When you were all mine
And everything was fine
Your holding my hand
As we walk through the sand
I look into your eyes
You look into mine
I see love and I see no lies
All is pefect and all is well
Walking through the halls
While they ring the school bell
I say my goodbyes
Still seeing the love in your eyes
Knowing that upon my return
You will no longer yurn
For my touch, my kiss, my love
Because I be there
Running my fingers through your hair
Telling you how much I love
And how much I missed you
You tell me it was only an hour
I smile and tell you I know
And as I hug I whisper I still missed you though
You smile and kiss me
And tell me you love me
The love I still see
And at the end of the day
When I walk away
I can't see your love
But I can feel your love
Raining down from above
Your whispered 'Ilove you's
Floating in my head
I can hear your love
Like the gentle beating wings
Of a snow white turttle dove
I lick my lips
I taste your lip gloss
Its the smae kind that I bough you at Ross
I can taste your love
Now I have all of your love
Or so it seems
This is why I wake up crying
We are together
Only in my dreams....
Anthony J. Alexander 2005
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
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