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May 2020
Sometimes, I find it hard to love
It takes mere moments to fall so deeply
And yet years to be free of the pain
What’s worse if it’s only a tiny crush
That soon turns into something extreme
It is here when it is hard to accept

We may not even want to accept
This feeling so sweet, this thing called love
But is this what it seems when it can crush
Ourselves, to an extent that’s so extreme
But to know this is to think so deeply
And to be sure of this, we must feel pain

And yet, not one wants to feel any pain
It is oftentimes harder to accept
That feelings can go beyond the extreme
When one falls a little or too deeply
It makes no difference, it might become love
When one develops even a small crush

There will be moments that these thoughts may crush
Even those who are already in pain
No appearance can heal as deeply
As when feelings are returned, those of love
Feelings that are bound for us to accept
These are the ones that are far more extreme

And at what length would one become extreme
Just for a person, dearer than a crush
Someone, not loved, but one who too gives love
There have been times we needed to accept
Even the worst among all kinds of pain
For us to learn, grow, and feel more deeply

When this happens, when all is done deeply
To feel would be something far more extreme
It would then be too easy to accept
And heal from all the struggle, all the pain
These feelings will turn from some silly crush
To something far better, a newfound love

They say that to feel deeply is extreme
But only a crush that goes on gives pain
When you accept, that, in itself, is love
Arielle Amene
Written by
Arielle Amene  19/F/McDonald's
   Bogdan Dragos
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