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Jun 2010
If the good die young
Then I’ll die old
My stress is so high strung
And my heart is so cold
The sad song I sing
Has nothing on the pain I bring
Lively on the outside
But on the inside
Its genocide
Everything is dead
Sent to permanent bed
People walking around
But they have no heads
The land is vast, empty and depleted
My heart is everything but completed
The disease I have is so rare
One hand shake
It’s all down hill from there
Your life I'll break
My sorrow is everything but fake
Everyday my broken heart is at stake
My emotions flow
Like a placid lake
With water so deep
No one understands
So to my self I keep
When I fall
No one lends helping hands
Everyone just stands
In a circle around
As I lay helpless on the ground
They don’t care
They all just stare
My heart is empty
Nothing is there
My soul matches
It too is bare
Blessed with this curse
Man life isn't fair
I’ll die first
This disease is too rare
To claim anymore lives than my own
This is all set in stone
As I sit on that hill weeping alone
Anthony J. Alexander 2006
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
   SImon and No one
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