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May 2020
The martial arts Muslim has bought some items at a dollar store, which is nice;
Each item at the dollar store has an excellent price.

When the Muslim leaves the store, he notices three black villains walking to the store and one of them pulls out a gun;
The martial arts Muslim throws his wooden dart at the villain's hand, making him dropping his weapon, which is fun.

When the second black villain is about to pick up the gun, the martial arts Muslim throws a second wooden dart at her hand;
The martial arts Muslim is always grand.

When the third black villain is about to pick up the gun, the Muslim throws a third wooden dart at his hand, as you can see;
The martial arts Muslim runs towards the three black villains immediately.

The martial arts Muslim fights and beats the three black villains, which is great;
The three black villains are full of hate.

The three black villains were going to shoot and **** the security guard at the dollar store and I'll tell you why;
The security guard wouldn't allow those jerks to enter the store because they weren't wearing masks and that's no lie.

The martial arts Muslim calls the police, which is smart;
He definitely took those black villains apart.

The police arrive and arrest the three black villains and here's something else that I'll say;
When the security guard thanks the Muslim for saving his life, the Muslim grabs his things and goes away.
Idris Muntaqim
Written by
Idris Muntaqim  47/M/Eastpointe, MI
(47/M/Eastpointe, MI)   
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