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May 4
Did i truly loved you?
Or not for I was forcing my burdens on you?
Did I saw you as my one?
Or did I saw you as the one?
As a victim whom I can pass my burdens on,
So that I can feel lighter?
As time goes on,
Did I really fell for you?
Or did I fell for the reason I have set standards on you?
Am I just proclaiming this is love that I have felt for you?
Or is this really love trying to convinvce me over?
Was I just confused?
With love and infatuation?
Is this really love?
Or am I just setting my standards on you?
If this is really love,
Why did I expected more from you?
When I say I already have accepted you as a whole?
Did I really accepted you?
Or did I just disregard those ugly facts and looked where I just wanted to?
Was I afraid because I don't want to lose you?
Or is it because if I lose you I'll be losing myself too?
Writen on September 18, 2019 13:38
Written by
Nepthalia Polenio Fungo  19/F/Philippines
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