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May 2013
on some level
it's about control
and i'm sorry about that
always is

You are the other half of me
as i am the other half of You
and so if there's something
about You
or something You do
that i do not understand
then i'm not understanding myself
i'm unsure of myself
i'm the definition of

the Thing
whatever it is
the particular Thing
that i have failed to understand
about You
about me
is completely
and absolutely
what matters
what's important
is that




everything else
is just window dressingΒ Β 

i need to understand
in order to feel secure
in order to maintain the comfortable illusion
that i have some control over my life
over myself
that I have some understanding of
who i am
where i am
what i'm doing
what the **** is going on

so when i'm threatened
by my own confusion
i make inquiries
i ask questions
i try to understand
i have to try
i have to

and besides
there's no harm in asking
is there?
Michael Valentine
Written by
Michael Valentine  Maryland
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