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May 2020

i will not pour honey on my truth
for my story to run smoothly down your throat
take your seat in the audience
get comfortable
allow my pages to write themselves
step aside as the quartet readies their strings to play
settle in as the conductor prepares
to perform the one melody her heart knows how
my story
is not yours
to tell

you can fold me over and into myself
press me down like dough
knead me till my bones collapse
and I am putty on the floor
throw me into the air
only to drop me down, the way you do so well
pick my limp body up and do it again
do it all to me
and when you think you’ve done enough
do it again
your hurt
will never be enough
to break me
i promise you

i will get up
and love myself so fiercely
that i drive the doubts swimming in my mind underwater
leave them to sink
never to breach the surface of my confidence

strength, truth, self-love, confidence, peace, love,
Written by
     SWebster and Bogdan Dragos
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