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May 2013
people would sometimes read poems
but there could be times where they
get tired of reading the same
****, every time; every day

"love is so overrated"
yes, yes we all know that; there
are a lot of romance in
the books read, the songs listened

but why is that so? i thought
we love to know about love
makes the heart race, wanting for
more... same feels, diffn't stories

maybe because we always
think of having our very
own prince charmings? princesses?
own happily ever afters?

yes, the heart loves fantasy
the deviance, the frustrations
mind loves reality though:
boring, bland, no sparks, but real

it's okay to write about
the things we want to happen;
yet, there is a precaution
that we all should all remember:

in writing:
fantasy > reality
but in living:
reality > fantasy
Written by
Reiya  TKY
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