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May 2
Million miles away....
The two gyrated
But to a melancholic melody.
Tides of afflictions lingered...
Never willing to subside!
The monstrous emptiness of space
Haunted them...
In the most frightening way!
They craved, to feel ,
The wonted vibrations,
Orchestrated in each other's nerves,
Just for one more time!
(Moon's POV)

Droplets of lunar pearls
Streamed down my eyes,
As I radiated solar light in her memory.
Those partial encounters
Never really pacified my heartbeats!

The fathomless universe gifted me
Billion stars
But their frequencies never match
To that of my Sun!
She is the light to my gloominess....
The warmth to my freezing heart.
[Sun's POV]

I love all the crevices and craters
That scarred his seraphic anatomy!
And those celestial whispers
Whose echoes still loiter...
In my ears.

I feel like burning hell
With the inferno of blazing plasma
Roaring within me!
Only his sublime lullabies
Could provide me solace
In this bewildering macrocosm!
"Don't they believe in miracles?"
The universe murmured!
It conspired to align
the starcrossed lovers
along a single line,
Connecting their thirsty hearts!

The alchemy of cosmos
United the two lost souls.
They gazed into each other's eyes
And kissed...
Until the shadow of the moon
Eclipsed the fiery sun ,
Painting a golden lining...
Or maybe a majestic ring of fire?
I wanted to try something new and in this process created a kind of cosmic love story...
Thanks for reading!
Written by
Diya  18/F
         Lure Pot, Gideon, Thomas W Case, Donna, M-E and 25 others
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