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Apr 27
my heart is
you make me see gold when things are black,
when you talk like that I freak O U T because, wow! how do you do that to me?
so I don't care if i have to cross a sea O F vulnerabilities and emotion,
ill do it all for that time you said M Y smile made you happy, when your happy i can fly to the stars an back.
My C H E ST feels all fluttery whenever our eyes meet and jeeze I'm just a frikity frakin mess
update: suprise!!! i have a girlfriend now!! and shes amazing and i just cant even anything shes just so cute! anyway yeah that happened and i dont think ive been this happy for a loooong time! i was kinda freaking out after i asked her to be my girlfriend so i wrote this poem, i know its bad i wrote it in like five minutes whilst re reading our conversations and dying, sorry im so whimsical right now but im just in a really really good mood today because yay
Toast Ghost
Written by
Toast Ghost  16/F/~Wonderland~
     Colm Istoirm and Son of golden soil
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