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Apr 27
now, as i wander through the streets
littered with the rubble from our broken city
sprinkled with the blood of our fallen people
i wonder where it all went wrong.
before, when we could enjoy simple things
like ice cream, kissing, gazing at stars
feeling a certain kind of breeze on your neck,
feels almost like a fever dream. before it all
went away. before everything fell apart.
i don't know what the future holds.
perhaps the dawn of a new age, a new
kind of world for future generations.
perhaps children will take it and run, use the
struggles they suffered through
as inspiration for their career, their songs
their creativity. why did you let it all go?
they will scream so loud, breaking their mic
they will smash the table to pieces, they
will bite the necks of men so hard they bleed
they will eat sour things and drink poison
study cosmology and the reason behind
our armageddon, they won't give up...
or else, they will. they will surrender to
the bad people. sit down and stay still
and cry themselves to sleep. i hope it
doesn't happen, at least not anytime soon.
now, as i kick through these ruins of our
city, breathe the smoky air, step over the
bodies, i ask the heavens, (no one in
particular, if we're being honest) did we
deserve this? yes, you did, they cry back.
with everything going on now, i think i'm more inspired than usual by the dystopian sort of reality we're living in. our houses have become like fallout shelters, guarding us from the dangerous world outside. it's not as bad as i described though, i just wanted to make it more dramatic haha
Written by
dempsey  F
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