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May 2013
And nothing falls into the hands of women
But ensured self destruction for sure
God grant us the power to endure
Find us a cure
She doesn’t pull the trigger but she assures
That you have your finger squeezed nice and tight
And nothing falls into the hands of men
But realized not secure
The governments the politics the men that walk at night
The fights the cars the soldiers out of sight
The bad comedy the music and whatever products we have produced
Become but a threat
A lethal playground for lunatics
Lets say the lecturers of our legacy
Legalizing death
Men and their mess-ups you know…
And nothing falls into the hands of women
But women grab what they want
And from upbringing to mood swinging
The bees stinging
The queen laughs
As she gets drunk on honey
And honey! Am home
Shouts the masculine mishap
Mistaking his mistress from his real wife
And his real wife doesn’t exist
Prepare the food and strike up a conversation
About the sweat on collars
And the choreographed tv scenes we call news
She looks at him
for man is malleable
And change is an outcome of ignorance
Or being too ******* desperate
And nothing falls into the hands of humans
Except death on paper
Perpetually becoming social ******
Murdering the men and women involved in societies
That defy human formalities
Since we are co-existive
But whatever that word is I don’t feel it
Because men want to **** women and women want to **** men
But the same goes for love
And the same goes for caring
And whatever complexities of corruption
Computing the loses a man and a woman compete about
But losing is a final solution
The institution of life…and presumingly we all get to have the striking sense
Of death on paper .
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
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