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Jul 11
Love has always been my greatest Passion
Expressing it in many ways to support everything and everyone around me.
I've always felt that I needed
to be strong, to be consistent, to be right and.. to be okay
Specially in front of my love ones.
But there are nights when i'm alone
Sitting or laying in bed
Staring at the walls or at the ceiling of a room
Its as if all the insecurities, worries and fear
comes crushing down my mind
Like a rushing waves that strikes my heart
Its eating me alive
Many says, "it's okay not to be okay"
But they don't know the struggles within
Those awful moments, that you just couldn't bear
You want it to stop,
you kept on doing things, just to keep your mind off of it.
But in the verge of everything going right, you feel empty yet full of regrets and pain that you don't even know where it comes from.
No one should feel this way.
Written by
Kimiko  Manila
       BR Dragos, Pradip Chattopadhyay and Kimiko
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