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Apr 26
I’m an actor on a stage
Listen close and I will tell you my ways
I’m am often offended
But I gloss over the wrongs
I am often right but to please
I say sorry
Read me you may try
But you know not I am about to cry
In life I try and give no care
For it shall all pass away
I fake reconciliation
Submit to humiliation
In all this why?
To please those close by
It is a mask that I took off for you
Though you thought you knew
You saw a person on a street
But you failed to see the curtains
You failed to see the stage
You failed to see the audience  
The point is you failed to see
But truth is you never saw the real me
But now I am open
Now so exposed
So vulnerable
You asked to see
Now you ask why
Did I put on this thing?
To hide my true being?
No twas to please
And to put at ease
Those around
So I pretend to be on lower ground
And in truth I am
And it has now become natural
To wear a mask so casual
To fool those who think their close
And that leads to another reason
I hide because I’ve been burned
And so the lesson I learned
Was to not trust
For those I did turned my dreams to dust
So now you see
A glimpse of me
But I shall put my mask on again
Do not worry then
For I’ll be fine
The troubles are mine
No one shall bare them for me
So why should I let some one see
Just let me do what I must
With this life we all must adjust
But don’t tell another
Not even my mother
It is a secret fur us
Please do not discuss
Let it lye where it has fallen
I have gone all in
So please do not say a word
Let me fly as the bird
For reality holds me fast
But in this I am free at last
Written by
Passion  19/M/Among thoughts...
(19/M/Among thoughts...)   
   Chloe DeAngelis and Dez
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