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May 2013
Late Night Skype Calls

Absence makes the
heart grow fonder
my ex girlfriend
once told me.

But, I didn't learn
the true meaning
of that statement
until I met you.

And seeing your
face on that bright
computer screen,
traces of fatigue
in your eyes.

You said you needed
to rest, and I whined
at you, but we both ended
up falling asleep together,
1,076 miles apart.

You told me I looked
so cute as I dreamed,
but I think the
real cute thing was
closing our eyes together,
1,076 miles apart.

Because, if you think
of it, it's almost as if
we were together,
just like we want it,
without being
1,076 miles apart.

Written by
Maya  California
   Pure LOVE and Klaus
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