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Apr 2020
By Glenn Currier

I had forgotten him
until he appeared in a dream -
he so qualified
me so average -
and I awakened barely recalling him
but the shame attacked me with a fury
and has not loosened its grip
even in the late afternoon.
And I thought I became a different person
after twenty years,
even in the last five years.
Am I still shackled to that old self
with scars like ex-slaves carried
from the chains and whips?
It seems people fade but feelings rarely do.
I bow to Samuya with gratitude for the poem below:
“You can forget the person
but can you forget the feeling?”  

Maybe the writing of this poem will loosen the grip of that feeling.
Glenn Currier
Written by
Glenn Currier  M/DeSoto, TX
(M/DeSoto, TX)   
       Sk Abdul Aziz, Gideon, Wynn Star, Cruz, --- and 5 others
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