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Apr 2020
there's something about forced love.
maybe it's the way it smells, the way it bleeds.

maybe it's the way two people can walk side by side down the street, yet never even look at each other.

or maybe it's when they do look, but the effort and discipline put into it show that even eye-contact sometimes requires practice.

there's something about holding hands with a loved one.

but instead of comfort and a subtle embrace, all you find is sweaty palms and angst that show you never really loved them at all.

there's something about a fight.
one where you scream and glare and stomp.

but afterwards, instead of hoarding away in your room to cry, you feel fine.

those fights, are formalities.
they brainwash you into thinking you reside within a realistic relationship when truly you can't care enough to shed a tear.

there's something about car rides.
but only the ones which are silent.

silent not because you're feeling pensive, but because you lost your words dozens of car rides ago.

there's something about forced love.
and that something,

is that it's far too obvious and much too common for our own good.
Written by
IZ J  15/F/Everywhere
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