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Apr 2020
Well, I know what y'all think,you think I'm feeble,
You think I'm weak and dumb,and damaged
Well you ain't wrong after all, I am damaged!
Wounded, marred beyond repair,yeah I'm destroyed
But you have no right, you can't just judge me,
Coz you know nothin', nothin' I've been thru'

All those lonely nights, in the darkest of the nights,
You know nothin',you don't know how it is
How that pillow is soaked, soaked in tears,
All the wails,you hear when I'm wailing,
No, I'm not crazy, I'm in pain. You don't get it,
I'm confused, crumbled into pieces
I'm just tryna fight on, tryin' to stay alive
I'm trynna figuring it out, to get to the bottom of it
I'm depressed,i'm off the chain, I'm going crazy

You see why my hair is unkempt, my clothes untidy,
My face pale, my skin peeli'n,
I dunno,what I'm livi'n for, I got nothing, no hope no friends, no family, no nothing,
You laugh ,and giggle whenever I'm passing by
Oooh she's pathetic, Oooh she's a ******
She's miserable, yes I'm miserable
Just label me, brand me names, call me crap,
And still, I won't give up on me, I'll keep tryin'
I'm tryna fix what I can, fix what's left
And just someday, on a beautiful day,
It'will all turn around, I'll reclaim my happiness
And I'll be whole again, just as it was before
Written by
Diana Nyambeki  20/F/Kenya
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