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Apr 2020
Pink lipstick and blonde curls defined your aged beauty
Your soft, white sweaters rubbed against my baby skin
As you hugged and kissed me on the front porch
You smelled like French perfume and mothballs
Which made me smile and gag at the same time
We had a food trade, you and I
You would offer me animal crackers
I would offer you crumb cake and coffee
When my parents were out of town
You would watch over me
We would make forts out of brown blankets
And play chef with my plastic kitchen set
You would pretend to like the food I made
I would be filled with satisfaction
I remember being on vacation with you
We were at Cape May
We would go to the beach and fly elaborate kites
And ride trolley bikes with the whole family
I would be in the baby seat
You would be in the back
It was a good time
A fantastic time
I just wish
It didn't have to end
With you sitting in your rocking chair
Oblivious to the world around you
Not remembering who I am
Your granddaughter

SA Szumloz
Written by
SA Szumloz  F/New Jersey
(F/New Jersey)   
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