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Apr 2020
It's a little bit cathartic and it's a lot a bit sad,
I try to move on I try to sing with all I have
It's a little bit cathartic and it's a lot a bit sad,
You can't choose the hand you're dealt
But you can hold onto all you have

You can try to make the best of it
You can try to dwell in the worst of it
But after all we've been through
It's hard to say what choice is made,
Is for the best

From the bottom of my breast I wish and hope you did all you could
With what you had, what you were given
I hope you know how to play the hand that you were dealt
I wish you well
I wish the world would understand you like they don't understand me
I wish and hope

It's a little bit cathartic it's a little bit hard

But I've been on my own since I started and I'm telling you
You can stand
With a better footing than I had
(but it makes me mad)

But I know you'll continue on
And you'll be strong
And all of this will be a footnote in your story

While I keep writing sonnets and poems and poetry-
Wishing I could insert me into your narrative

I know it's a little bit cathartic and I know it's a lot a bit sad
But you were all I had

And now I'll watch you from far away
Cursing the mistakes you make
And how you made me into this
Hateful sadfull wraith

But it's a little bit cathartic. I'm a little bit healed.
And it's a lot a bit sad, but I've been wallowing too long
And now I want to stand
Like you
And god, all the thing's you'll do

I know you'll do them well
Well I, I don't know from here
Alexandria Hope
Written by
Alexandria Hope  25/Gender Fluid/Doolin, Clare, Ireland
(25/Gender Fluid/Doolin, Clare, Ireland)   
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