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May 2013
they sit there in empty shells of yester year
and fathom identity of who they once were,
they take past lives
and childhood memories
and rewrite them into sinister welcomings of who they wish they were.
Am i a farce
or a farther reaching entity.
Who are  you to take the soul away from ghandi and proclaim it as a mystery?
who are you to take my favorite game of legos
and mimic it with combustible rythems of serenity.
I once flew three thousand miles
and i never felt the near death doubt
of what i was trying to attain.
and slayers of my memories
fight temptation and sympathy.
they cry and they yearn
and in the end all they want is peace.
Peace on the mountaintop of i dont need.
but god almighty i want and i yearn
and i cry and i weep
and tears flow down this glacier like global warming and atrocities of our fathers.
I ate a fish from the sea and died of poison.
I ate a cob from the field and died of poison.
jaime reyes-hildel
Written by
jaime reyes-hildel  Seattle
   Tom McCone and Camilla Ames
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