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Apr 2020
Today I woke up with your name on my tongue
364 nights have passed assuring everyone "there's really nothing wrong"
364 mornings since you left, and outside theyre playing another christmas song
Since that day your name's been unspoken as if it didn't belong
And now almost a year after
I'm still a mess a broken down disaster...
A speeding train that to his demise, travels faster and faster
Trying to find lady death just so I could ask her:

Why was it you the one who had to leave?
Why did your soul she couldn't wait to retrieve.
Yet she remains quiet, she thinks I'm too naive
Or she knows how much you're missed, even the house had to grieve
The house? Yes the house dealt with it better than I did

When the not so silent tears threatened to fall from my face
When the nights beat my self inflicted drowsiness on their nightly race..
While, my music played as background noise, just in case
The house creaked and moaned in hopes of shushing my disgrace

Today I woke up with my tongue burning with your name..
Reminding me that your body gave up but not your flame.
Reminding me that even when you lose, its fine, its just a game..
And that lady luck, isn't a good for nothing *****, but an elegant dame..
Who should be courted, dined and tamed.

And I sit at the bar and order a beer
It's 12:01, its been exactly a year...
The winter is definitely colder without you here
Fredy Sanchez
Written by
Fredy Sanchez  29/M/California
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