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Apr 2020
The light in your eyes grows dim every day...

*** you got to stop and listen to what they have to say

As if,

their opinion mattered....

As if,

your hopes were shattered

As if,

Your dreams have scattered...

To a godforsaken place

And its the only way to save face...

And your life is burning up at an alarming rate.

You sit and blame it all to fate..


Can you see the fire before the ashes?


You can't even see past your perfect eyelashes....

As if,

with make up on.... your dreams won't drown

As if,

The next line....will make it fine

As if,

One more puff...will be enough

To light you way

At least for one more day...


Made with total disrespect

those marks upon your neck,

Paint a gloomy image of your past.

And with the lies you were told

they helped to mold,

The women whose tears fall fast

As if,

You need forgive your sins.

As if,

Your life is lost

'*** of the higher cost

Of living...

so you keep on the deceiving

The people who look out for you...

The people who strive to...

Make sure the light in your eyes

Stays bright not dim...

And all *** of him?

A sorry excuse of a ****?

**** that and him!

And now your lips touch bottle

After this shot it's on, Full throttle!

As if,

Its really fine... he's twenty-nine

As if,

Its ok that at sixteen... you're just a fiend

as if, you're far from home... and you're all grown....

But it

Shouldn't be that way....

You shouldn't have to dread another day...

And after all you've been through

Still these words won't reach you...

*** with your make up on

And the bottle gone

those marks upon your neck

make you feel you have respect....

And that's enough for you it seems

While I sit wondering why your light grows dim
Fredy Sanchez
Written by
Fredy Sanchez  29/M/California
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