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May 2013
behind every smiling girl,
are the tears she’s been trying to hide
may there be times she wants to hurl
letting her pride down, she just let them slide.

sticks and stones, breaking bones
yet words seem painless, seem light.
those were the words she believes on;
battling her great weakness with all her might.

people may laugh, people may mock
repeatedly she says, “I’m fine, I’ll be alright”
as she lays in bed all alone, save for a clock,
she cries and cries as long as the night.

at first glance, she looks so strong
it was only to hide away her true self
she’s fragile, won’t stay sturdy for long
her feelings she stack up on her shelf.

so if you see a girl who smiles with glee,
remember that she’s in a battle, fights night and day
for you not to ask in worry:
“hey, are you okay?”
Written by
Reiya  TKY
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