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Apr 2020
My love
My heart
My one and only
My soulmate

I have loved you since first sight
Love your laugh
Loved your smile
Loved your warm heart

With you by my side
I was able to fight the darkness
I was able to see light growing inside
I was able to breathe freely

But with you gone
I feel like I’m suffocating
My heart aches so badly
That I can’t take it anymore

I was able to see you again
One last time
And all I felt was pain
And guilt

I did this
I caused you to leave
I pushed you away so far
That you ran to the arms of another

And for that I can never forgive myself
The guilt hurts so much
I can’t breath
My body is attacking itself

My head is so full of thoughts
That I can’t make go away
I can’t live like this
With you no longer by my side

I love you so much
And I tried to be strong
But the longer I fight
The more pain I’m in

You wish me a good life
Thinking that I’m strong enough
But I hide my true intentions
So I don’t hurt you

I’m sorry
I should have fought my head harder
I should have shown you how much I cared
How much I loved you

But it’s too late
And I have lost
In both battles
Of the heart

I no longer have you
Who I loved so much I wanted to live
And I no longer have my will
To fight my never ending thoughts

So I forfeit the match
I have fought for as long as I could
This is the end for me
And the beginning for you
I will always love you...
Written by
Troy  29/Gender Fluid/Phoenix, Arizona
(29/Gender Fluid/Phoenix, Arizona)   
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