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Apr 16
Conquer now, little by little,
work hard and harder, just don't become brittle,
hard work devoid of true rest, will surely derail your quest,
you aren't the first or the last, to go through hardships,
remember the past,
many before you have come and gone,
so what makes you think,
that you are the one?

It doesn't matter,
do your very best,
so you'll be able to end,
without regret in your chest,
that you didn't try, or were afraid to act,
we are all meant to die, and that's a proven fact,
no, you might not get rich, or have stadiums packed,
but your hearth will be right, you were brave in the fight.
The true "be strong" poem
Andrei Marin
Written by
Andrei Marin  22/M/Speck of dust, Milky Way
(22/M/Speck of dust, Milky Way)   
     Agnes Lyndy and BR Dragos
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