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Apr 15
give you my word

‘tis but one, all you’ll ever receive,
not more than that, ‘tis all you’ll need

not one of the usual suspects,
not love or truth, beyond care,
neither joy and tears suffice,
certain it’s not suffering, even living

all those come to an end, ultimately,
and the word I surrender to you,
for pore absorption is unending,
unlimited, no horizon or sunsetting

the one thing that extends hope,
though that is not it either,
the one thing we will individualize,
agree to disagree amicably

the word?  

why it is one we greet the day,
even if unthought or left unsaid,
our own shared secret chord,
the word I give you, and you to me, is
the very, the blessed unrationed reason,
the why and the wherefore,
to exist!

Written by
island poet  122/Neither
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