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May 2013
I'm sad because I'm stuck here
because I ate too much today
because my coffee got cold too fast
because its been cloudy for so long
because the rain won't fall so the sun can shine again

I'm sad because you don't love me anymore
I'm sad because when you did, I didn't care
I'm sad that he gives me affection
but it's not going to mean anything in the end

I'm sad because I'm stagnant
because my life is moving at a snails pace
I'm creeping a long and everyone, everyone
is passing me by
with theirΒ Β fancy jobs, houses, husbands
I don't have any of these things

I'm sad because I'm lost
and I don't know which direction to go
I'm sad that all the good things in my life
don't seem good enough anymore

I'm sad I feel like I always have to beg for the things I want
and even then I don't get them

I'm sad that no one can make me happy
like you can
I'm sad I depended on you to be there
even after I decided I didn't want you to be.

I'm sad.
Kiah Tomatz
Written by
Kiah Tomatz
   Gary Muir and Chuck
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