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Apr 2020
I believed in fate..but my believe shattered,
As I got to know my lord knows better,

I kept on believing nd tried,all in vain,
I can't stop the suffering, I can't seize the pain,

I tried to get something out of fate,
But became hopeless...but it was never too late,

Fate let me down, I turned to God,
He ked me to happiness,praise to Lord,

Sometimes superior was the fate,
But my lord showed me his blessings gate,

Fate make expectatiibs and bring the hurt,
You keep on expecting and get dragged to the earth,

When I trusted God,
Let down the fate's sword,

When I realized His will,
And got to know fate always ****,

"Karma" they say it,
It's all fake I know it,

It is written by God, yes fate is real,
But it can't be changed so let go of dear,
The things you want will come with time,
Just pray and hope there is no use of crying,

Believe in fate you won't succeed,
Go down his path,blessings will recede,
Trust in God,He won't let u down,
Believe with your heart,you will own the world's crown
Mariya Jawed
Written by
Mariya Jawed  13/F/Karachi, Pakistan
(13/F/Karachi, Pakistan)   
   Bogdan Dragos
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