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Apr 12
i wish i could tell you a lot of things.

i wish i could be open and honest, and be
able to say everything that comes into my mind,
the light and the dark.

but i don't trust you.

you gave me life and every time i look into
your eyes i see pain. i see loss.

i wish i could say i was dependent on you.
that i could live on my own, be my
beautiful self. but i don't think that's true.

i wish i could tell you i was happy,
that you make me laugh, and did everything
you should have done. but that's a lie.

you make me feel worthless,
hopeless, in a world built for people who
aren't like me. you had to have known
that what you were doing was wrong.

which makes it all worse.
because i could understand if you
were just ******* ignorant.

i could understand that.
but you're not. you're smart and talented
and you know exactly what you are doing
and don't even care.
tw: abuse

if you ever need something or help, im always here to talk.
Written by
miles  Androgynous
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